Lime Hawkmoth Mimas tiliae

Sphingidae » Smerinthinae

Lime Hawkmoth Mimas tiliae

This is a large and impressive hawkmoth with its scalloped-edged forewings and olive-green and pinkish markings. The central dark forewing markings may be variable, and in some individuals may be joined to form a cross-band. Wingspan 55 to 70mm.

Lime Hawkmoth Mimas tiliae

The adult flies May to early July, and is attracted to light. It may be found resting on tree trunks or walls during the day. Found in various habitats where the larval foodplant grows, including broadleaved woodland, parks and gardens. A resident species, common and widespread in the southern half of England up to Yorkshire. The larva feeds on lime, elm and other deciduous trees. It overwinters as a pupa.

Lime Hawkmoth Mimas tiliae

Lime Hawkmoth Mimas tiliae

© Pete Hillman June 2013.

5 thoughts on “Lime Hawkmoth Mimas tiliae

  1. He/she is quite beautiful, lovely colouring. I remember this moth from when I was a kid. Lovely macro Pete. I also remember a Silver Y moth, a Death’s Head Hawk moth, and a Puss moth from those days on the farm. If you have any pics I’d love to see them.

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