Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica

Noctuidae » Hadeninae

Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica

Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica (Linnaeus, 1758) 73.249 BF2190

Wingspan 30-35mm. Forewing length 15-17mm. A distnctive species which has a unique mark amongst moths on its forewing, hence its name. The mark maybe variable, as can the forewing ground colour.

Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica

The adult flies March to early May in the south of Britain, and April to early June in the north and Ireland. Found in various habitats, from moorland to gardens. Common and widespread throughout.

Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica caterpillar

I came across the larva near my local pond feeding on sedge. It feeds mainly at night in April to July, feeding on the buds at first and then the leaves. It feeds on a wide range of vegetation, including trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. It overwinters as a pupa in a cocoon underground, with the fully formed adult inside it.

Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica caterpillar

Adult photographs taken in March 2014, rear garden, and larva in June 2011, near local pond, Stafforshire, England.


8 thoughts on “Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica

  1. Hey Pete I really like the last one with the caterpillar, it’s a gorgeous Macro and the contrasting colour of the foliage underneath it gives the photo a lot of interesting detail.

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