Autographa gamma

Silver Y Autographa gamma

The Silver Y just has that โ€“ a distinctive metallic silvery Y mark on each forewing. The forewing ground colour is marbled brown, reddish-brown, grey and buff, and sometimes it has a purplish hue. Wingspan 35 to 40mm.

Silver Y Autographa gamma

Several generations are seen every month of the year, but more frequently seen during the months of May to September. The adult moths are seen flying during the day in sunny weather, or at dusk being attracted to nectar-rich flowers. They are also attracted to light at night. Found in all habitats, from coastal to inland. Widespread and abundant immigrant from Europe.

The larvae feed on a variety of low-growing plants, including Common Nettle, clovers and bedstraws.

Photographs taken in June 2011.