Cloaked Minor Mesoligia furuncula

Noctuidae » Xyleninae

Cloaked Minor Mesoligia furuncula

Cloaked Minor Mesoligia furuncula ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775) 73.172 BF2341

Wingspan 22-28 mm. Forewing length 10-12mm. Quite a variable moth with differing colours and patterns. It is more slender compared to other minors, with narrower forewings.

Cloaked Minor Mesoligia furuncula

The adult flies July to September, and can be found in open grassland, coastal sand-dunes and cliffs. Common and widespread in the south, becoming more local and coastal further north. The larva feeds on various grasses.

Cloaked Minor Mesoligia furuncula

© Pete Hillman July 2017.


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