Apple & Plum Case-bearer Coleophora spinella


Apple and Plum Case-bearer Coleophora spinella

This curious moth is very similar to other Coleophora species, especially the very similar C. coracipennella and C. prunifoliae, and accurate identification can only be made by genital dissection, hence these images are only representitive of C. spinella. I found this one resting on my hawthorn bush late yesterday afternoon. Forewing length 5 to 6mm. Note the grey and white banded antennae.

Apple and Plum Case-bearer Coleophora spinella

The adult flies June to July, and can be seen in woodland, hedgerows and gardens. The most widespread of the three similar species, and common. The larva feeds mainly on hawthorn, apples, and other trees.

© Pete Hillman July 2017.